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A Ransomware or Cryptolocker infection can lead to...
  • Little or no access to systems
  • Permanent data loss
  • Financial loss
  • Disruption to your  normal operations
  • Harm to your organisation’s reputation
How not to become a victim
  • Always backup your files, preferably multiple times a day and to an off-site location
  • Keep your systems up to date with the latest virus definitions and software patches
  • Implement web content and email filtering
  • Ensure that all staff recognise phishing, spam and malicious emails and websites
The cost to recover from an attack is often greater than the cost of implementing appropriate safeguards. When Ransomware hits your organisation, will you be ready?
For a free, no obligation review of your ability to protect against, or recover from, a Ransomware\Cryptolocker attack, get in touch
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